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Experienced Project Manager(s) required

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Centenary of Lodge Cottrell

Lodge Cottrell celebrated the centenary of the founding of the company in May 1913 by Sir Oliver Lodge FRS. More >>>

Paper given to the Filtration Society

Lodge Cottrell explores the pros and cons of moving from ESPs to Fabric Filters. The case to move to barrier filtration is not always as clear as it may seem. More >>>

Emissions reduced by 50%

Lodge Cottrell Limited, has introduced a new electrostatic precipitator upgrade concept known as ‘Skewed Baffles’.One such upgrade was carried out at the Cauldon Works of Lafarge Cement UK. More >>>


Recent and Current Projects

Lodge Cottrell has recently completed and is working to complete a number of flue gas treatment systems at UK energy-from-waste and biomass plants. Details of these are given under our References page. More >>>