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Big payback with ceramic filters.

Investing in high temperature ceramic filtration systems for air pollution control is providing an additional source of revenue for metals processing companies around the world.

In the last few years significant advances in ceramic technology have led to the development of reliable, high temperature filtration media, allowing particle collection at temperatures up to 900ºC.

Lodge Cottrell of Birmingham, one of the world's leading suppliers of environmental pollution control equipment, incorporated this technology into its FabriClean™ Filter to establish a low cost system which is high on efficiency and availability. The FabriClean™ Filter has a unique gas distribution system which reduces expensive cleaning air consumption and extends element life. 

High temperature ceramic filtration achieves particulate emissions lower than 1mg/m³, offers high resistance to sparks and incandescent particles and can operate in arduous conditions with high acid gas concentrations. The use of such filters can greatly simplify dust abatement schemes, avoiding the use of expensive fire suppression systems and spark arrestors. The requirement for coolers and spray towers are also eliminated thereby minimising the consumption of power and water.

The added bonus of the FabriClean™ Ceramic Filter comes in the area of metals recovery. Here, high value dust particles from the processing of such valuable metals as platinum, rhodium, nickel, tin, lead, copper, titanium, aluminium and many others can be completely recovered from the flue gases and returned for reprocessing.