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Paper given to the Filtration Society

Lodge Cottrell explores the pros and cons of moving from ESPs to Fabric Filters. The case to move to barrier filtration is not always as clear as it may seem

For many industries ESPs remain the Best Available Technology (BAT) when taken in context with IPPC and BPEO. 

  • Will the operating and maintenance costs increase?
  • Our process conditions fluctuate. How will these affect emissions?
  • Will the upgrade plant be "future-proof"? 
  • Can the plant meet even lower emissions in say 10 years time?

These are frequently asked questions. 

We try to unravel the complex technical and economic issues to make your decision easier. 

Clive Cottingham, BSc, Technical Manager
Ian Fantom, BSc, MRSC, C.Chem

Moving from ESPs to Fabric Filters (PDF)