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De-NOx systems

Oxides of nitrogen can cause severe atmospheric, environmental and health problems. Lodge Cottrell ensure that all facilities producing NOx can meet all their legal obligations and thus prevent such problems by using our robust and effective De-NOx systems.

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)

SCR technology enables reduction of nitrogen oxide even with low activation energy by passing flue gas through a catalyst layer after mixing a reducing agent. The SCR process uses a catalyst that selectively reacts with nitrogen oxide in flue gas. It has the highest removal efficiency among de-NOx technologies and very stable operation.


  • High NOx removal efficiency (over 90%)
  • Minimal NH3 slip due to use of optimal amount of reducing agent
  • Operation at high SO2 concentration
  • Low conversion rate of SO2 to SO3
  • Equipped with device for even flue gas distribution into the reactor
  • Regular catalyst activation test and reporting
  • Savings in catalyst replacement cost due to catalyst regeneration and reuse
  • Optimal reactor design using CFD
  • High quality technical service
  • Ease in injecting and decomposing catalyst