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Flue gas cleaning solutions for Biomass-fired power plants is a growing sector of business for Lodge Cottrell.

Biomass-fired power plants can be designed for a wide range of fuels including multi-fuels, straw, wood-waste, peat, bark, nut shells, grains and short rotation crops which can be combined with coal or natural gas.

Flue gas cleaning systems involved in Biomass combustion and gasification can be composed of a number of Lodge Cottrell processes.

Typical Systems for Biomass and Waste-to-Energy plants can include:

  • Dry flue gas cleaning plant - a dry absorber followed by a Pulse-Jet fabric filter, an electrostatic precipitator, or both.
  • Semi-dry flue gas cleaning plant - a Gas Suspension Absorber - followed by an electrostatic precipitator or, more often, a Pulse-Jet fabric filter.
  • Wet flue gas cleaning plant consisting of a scrubber - a Wet Absorber followed by reheat and a dust filter, more often an electrostatic precipitator.  

In addition to the relevant BAT (Best Available Technique) for flue gas treatment (APC – Air Pollution Control) that is available, Lodge Cottrell also offer full biomass, sorbent and ash (APC Residue)-handling systems. Such synergies enable us to provide our customers with a wider portfolio of services, reduced risk and optimum performance at competitive prices.