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Thermal Power Generation

Lodge Cottrell been a supplier of air pollution control systems to the power industry for over 80 years. Today, we part of an international organisation that has applied its technology to more than 1,600 power plants world-wide and supplies pollution solutions for any thermal power or community heating plant.

Lodge Cottrell’s systems achieve the most stringent emission levels making them the first choice of many of the world's leading power companies. To maximise the performance and availability of air pollution control systems the company has introduced a radically new facility and resource management services programme. The fully comprehensive service involves the management, planning and execution of operational maintenance for all air pollution control equipment irrespective of who originally supplied the systems involved.

Complete air pollution systems can be supplied, as well as upgrades to combust different fuels – such as the substitution of coal by biomass and the addition of FGD systems to meet increased legislation – such as the IED (Industrial Emissions) Directive.